Stampin’ Royalty #198

Hey Everyone

The Design Team at Stampin’ Royalty have given us the challenge to create Halloween Goodie Packaging.  I’ve never made anything Halloween as it really isn’t that big in Australia.  But as I’m wanting to challenge myself to try new things, I thought I’d give this fun challenge a go.  I buy chocolates and lollies just in case I get a Trick or Treater come to the door, but it never happens.  I end up eating them all after Halloween, just because I don’t want the chockies and lollies to go to waste 😉

I was on a roll with my Halloween Goodies Packaging so instead of one project, I made three.


Here’s a close up of a vase I had sitting at home. I found pumpkin cover chocolates to fill up the jar (well, almost fill up – I ate a few!)


This little goodie bag is filled with mini chocolate bars.


And to finish off my projects, I created a bag topper made from the Top Note Die.  Since I took this photo my son raided my craft room and has eaten all the cool mints.


Thanks for stopping by.



3 thoughts on “Stampin’ Royalty #198

  1. They look great Narelle ,you should do Halloween more often as you are good at it.Love all the detail that you have put into your project!!!

  2. Great treat holders, Narelle. And I have to say, I admire your dedication in making sure those chocolates and lollies don’t go to waste. That’s my kind of commitment LOL.

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