Lionel & Guy

Hey Everyone

You know when you plan a night out, and you’re not really that keen on going, you always end up having a great time?  It happened to me when my husband and I went to see Lionel Ritchie on Wednesday night.  I told everyone at work that I was going to see Guy Sebastian (he was Lionel’s support act) because I am not the biggest Lionel fan at all. I also think Guy got quite hot when he got tatts!  We had 2nd row seats and it was absolutely fantastic!  I don’t know if that’s what made the concert so good, but seeing them perform up close was the best.

Guy was amazing and when he sang Amazing Grace, I almost had a tear in my eye – they had a slide show of all the disasters that have happened around the world and it was quite moving.

See how close we were? He had everyone up and dancing.

This was one of my favourite moments.  There was a girl in the audience with Down’s Syndrome.  He spotted her and walked in her direction.  She had her hand out to him and he reached out and touched her.  She was sooo excited and the whole stadium went wild.  She jumped up and down for about 5 minutes afterwards because she just couldn’t believe it.  It was really nice to see and it showed how genuine he is.  This photo was taken was when he went back in her direction and she tried to take a photo.  He posed for her – even though it took ages for her to take the photo!

Guy came back out and they sang a song together.

Fantastic night out! Such entertainers!

See ya


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